Which businesses to invest in to get by?

These days, we have to make money work to get by. For the most part, we are used to working and living on a salary. If you're looking for businesses to invest in, we'll give you a few.

Investing in blogs or online shops

This is one of the most interesting and promising businesses where it is better to invest money. It allows you to receive money consistently. The direction of this project is therefore in vogue.
However, due to the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, it is the online format that will flourish. In general, the investments are similar to investments in a business.
You support the development of a particular product. Also, you receive payments in the form of dividends. In the future, you can sell your share on more advantageous terms.

Put your money into real estate

A great option that allows you to acquire your own square meters. Typically, flats are bought to improve living conditions for the family. But for some buyers, real estate is also a way to make a profit.
On the one hand, investing in real estate can be very profitable. For example, to protect accumulated capital from inflation or to profit from renting. But the rules of the game are not the same.
They can vary greatly depending on the type of property, the market and even the region. Before investing money in a purchase, the situation should be carefully weighed and the risks of such an investment assessed.

Investing in Eurobonds and mutual funds

This is the most profitable money investment today. By making a loan to the government, you are working with someone who is very difficult to bankrupt. You can also buy bonds of some domestic or foreign companies. Usually the annual return is no more than 3-7%. It is therefore often higher than a bank deposit.
On the other hand, the principle of investing in mutual funds is simple. You put in a small amount for a maximum of 3 years to obtain a stable income from different companies. From an average of $100, without risk or with its minimum event, this option is considered more closely. The profit per year is up to 5-6%.